Used Happy Mania Vol 3 English Manga

The Mage's Emporium

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Shigeta is unhappy with her long-distance relationship, and meets a handsome ceramicist. She ends up quitting her job and becoming an apprentice at the same studio as him. Meanwhile, Fuku gets a new boyfriend who's perfect for her, renewing Shigeta's faith in fate. Then she finds out that Takahashi's friend Violet, who seems to be competing with her for everything, is family friends with the master of the studio. Not only that, she finds the daughter of the master (Midori) having sex with her ceramicist, Kishiwada. While she's telling Fuku about it, Violet comes and tells her that Midori used to be in amateur porn and that all the apprentices end up falling for her and then falling from grace. Violet tells the studio master what's going on in his house, and Kishiwada and Midori are forbidden to see each other. Takahashi shows up at Shigeta's door out of the blue, and stays with her for a few days. Shigeta has to bring a gift from the studio master to Kishiwada, who has supposedly eloped with Midori. When she gets there, though, she finds out that Midori had tricked Kishiwada in order to be with her real boyfriend, who is a wanted man. She sleeps with Kishiwada. Takahashi hears everything Shigeta is telling Fuku about how amazing it was and how he's going to be hers, and leaves. He calls his friend Violet and ends up sleeping with her. Shigeta receives a letter from Kishiwada - he's in China on a long sojourn. The end of yet another crush.

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