About Us

Once upon a time, in a small apartment far, far away a girl decided to combine her love of geekery with her obsessive desire to do something crafty.........

Just who is this White Mage? Where did she come from and how did she become the mascot for The Mage's Emporium? Sit down, dear friends, and listen as I tell you the origins of The White Mage and The Mage's Emporium!

The Mage's Emporium was founded on January 19, 2011 as TheItemShoppe in a little place called Etsy.com. The Owner of The Mage's Emporium (hereafter referred to simply as The Owner) was getting ready to sell at her first anime convention, Nashicon! But she had a problem... She had her badges. She had her plushies. She had her wall art. She had everything she needed to sell! But she didn't have an online shop or gallery! *GASP* So she started TheItemShoppe on Etsy.com as a way to showcase her items to the convention attendees before the convention started.

The Owner loved classic gaming. She felt that simple menus and backgrounds made shopping for potions and ethers exciting! So she based her color scheme on the colors of the menu from the classic Final Fantasy VII dialogue screens (because who doesn't love some FFVII nostalgia?). But something was missing! A MASCOT!!! But what to choose? And that's when The Owner got the great idea to pick a White Mage as the mascot. The White Mage- a classic, yet timeless character, whose legacy is continued on in so many classic heroines throughout the Final Fantasy series.

But still, she needed something more. Something was missing. A weapon! Because it's dangerous to go alone! And what better weapon for a heroine to wield against evil? A baka hammer! A weapon used by all great anime heroines to punish evil-doers (mostly perverted males, but that's besides the point). (The Owner admits she had recently finished watching Kodocha when she came up with this idea. lol)

And so TheItemShoppe went live! And the White Mage made her entry into geeky society!

And then something AMAZING happened!!! What was only meant to be a gallery started making sales!!! So she posted more items and more items! And she started selling at conventions! And then she started TheMagesEmporium.com, the wonderful site you are on now! (The Owner is very proud of this site as she built it herself from scratch. You may applaud if you wish.)

On April 9th, 2012 after selling at many conventions and exploring new and exciting selling opportunities, The Owner decided it was time to level up. And so TheItemShoppe became The Mage's Emporium! What a sweet upgrade! :D

So now the White Mage sells at conventions, online, on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Wish, Pinterest, Facebook and everywhere else those in need of her magical collectibles resides throughout the internet!  She does her best to always answer customer questions as fast as possible, ship out orders with lightning speed, and best the source for all of your anime needs.

And that is the story of the White Mage and The Mage's Emporium.

To be continued!?! ^_^


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