Used Happy Mania Vol.4 English Manga

The Mage's Emporium

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Shigeta's crazy love life continues, and this time it involves Takahashi! After Takahashi pays her a surprise visit, Shigeta comes to realize that he might not be such a bad guy after all. Before long, she even agrees to marry him. Does this mean that the legendary playgirl is off the market for good? Of course not! Shigeta and Takahashi are only engaged for a few days before Shigeta meets a cute wine-loving guy who totally "pops her cork," so to speak. Will Shigeta give in to temptation or stay true to her hubby-to-be? They say love happens when you least expect it - but if you expect it 24/7, then what? Join Shigeta and her gal pals in their hilarious hunt for love, romance and together-forever commitment. Shigeta has doubts about how love works while talking to Fuku, then comes home to find Takahashi having sex with Violet in her hallway. He apologizes to both of them, then he proposes to her, and tells her that his happiness would be to be with her. She decides to accept his proposal and fantasizes about being a housewife, then meets a man the next day when she goes to work selling wine. He's obviously interested, but she thinks of Takahashi and doesn't act on it. Then she comes home to Fuku, who tells her that her Hideki was married. Hideki asks Shigeta to meet with him to discuss Fuku's state, and asks her to take care of her in the meantime. It turns out that he works at the same company as the man she met the other day, and that the guy is married. They go to a bar nearby where industry people hang out, and she hangs out with him all night, saying that she won't get hooked, that this is all for fun. When Hideki runs after Fuku when she goes away, Shigeta ends up calling the wine guy. They have sex, and Shigeta calls Takahashi to call off the engagement. He can't hear her, though, so she lets it go and continues to see the wine guy. She stalks him when he doesn't return her calls, and even goes out to meet him when Takahashi is back in town. Shigeta's crazy love life continues, yet Takahashi's love for her endures.

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