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Karma deploys two Earth Gladiators, the dangerously gorgeous and seductive Locutus, and by-the-book hit-man Leon to assassinate Toma, the young Kendo-wielding, Codon-summoning fighter-hero. Toma is Karma's only threat to the latter's interplanetary supremacy and, therefore, needs to be eliminated before the upcoming gladiator games. Toma manages to fend off his attackers, but to spare the life of his dream-girl, Itsuki, he agrees to become Locutus' lapdog, indulging her every whim. Karma appears, angry at Locutus' dilly-dallying with Toma and her failure to kill her target immediately. Locutus and Leon challenge Karma to a free-for-all competition in their bid to take over control of their gang from Karma. Karma accepts and Toma finds himself an unwitting participant in this impending death-match, in the service of Locutus and Leon. Locutus helps Toma train: she introduces him to the Akashic Browser - a magical mask that transports the wearer into a parallel universe. There, Toma has a thrilling, no-holds-barred fight to the death with Kondo - a monstrously beefed-up mutation of an old friend. During the fight, Tomo feels the exhilarating thrill and rush that goes with manipulating his Codon; he's learning rapidly and gaining tremendous power. Locutus feels roused by this much to the chagrin of the disembodied, baseball-hatted Axel Potter who can only look on as she climbs and writhes over him. Meanwhile, Karma has captured the defenseless Itsuki. He tells her that she is to resume her combat training, but before that, they have a long journey ahead of them across a desolate plain riddled with enemies. She's frightened and confused.

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