Used Suki A Like Story Vol 2 English Manga

The Mage's Emporium

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Book-smart but street-hopeless Hina is making friends with her crush/teacher/next door neighbor Asou-sensei - whether he likes it or not! Or is she...? Unbeknownst to Hina, Asou is not the mild-mannered teacher he appears to be. In fact, he has just escaped a sordid past, is on a top secret "job" right now - and his target seems to be Hina! Hina's friends distrust his willingness to spend time with her. And sketchy author Tomoaki - Asou's former acquaintance and Hina's new "friend" - appears to be watching both of them with great interest. Meanwhile, Hina is starting to get phone calls with no one on the other end...footprints in her flower garden...and items in her house completely rearranged. Can Asou-sensei keep her out of danger...or is being with him the greatest danger of all?

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