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Kia Asamiya (Dark Angel) created great space adventure in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, but his best sci-fi creation is the interstellar dramedy Nadesico, which is filled with great space adventure, strong, beautiful women, and inside jokes and references to other sci-fi anime and manga. In this third volume of the great Nadesico graphic novel series of four, the beautiful Yurika, former captain of the Nadesico, has been spirited away to become the shaman queen of the sacred Yamato clan. Meanwhile, on the Nadesico space ship, the young girl genius Ruri Hoshino and the cute robot 99 guide their ship into battle following against the Jupiterian menace, but suddenly the Federation ships begin to retreat. Could it be because the mysterious aliens are discovered to be--from the past? From the Earth itself? Fans of sci-fi heroines David Weber's Honor Harrington and Elizabeth Moon's Esmay Suiza will love Nadesico and its great female characters! Nadesico one of the best sci-fi comics around!

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