Used Happy Mania Vol 2 English Manga

The Mage's Emporium

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It's a new year, and Shigeta resolves to live for work this year without having any crushes for a while. When she gets home, Fuku tells her that she's getting married and will be moving out. Then Fuku calls off her marriage because her fiancee was cheating on her with her friend, and Shigeta considers living with Takahashi after Fuku moves out. While she's thinking about it, Takahashi tells her that he's always wanted to make her happy, but the person that will make her happy is someone she likes, not him. So in order to not get in her way, he's going to stop seeing her. Meanwhile, Fuku gets back together with her fiancee. Takahashi gets a call from Fuku that Shigeta hasn't been back home in two days, and while telling her that he no longer has anything to do with Shigeta, he runs over, unable to help himself. Shigeta is at her parents' house, where her mother takes her to her cultish temple so Shigeta can ask for a boyfriend. Magically, one appears. Even though she claims to be happy, she ignores his calls. Then he starts stalking her. While she's hiding from him, Takahashi finds her and realizes that he needs to be around to keep her sane. He ends up professing his love for her. When she runs home, she finds piles of takeout food at her house, and gets a lot of calls from slimy guys who found her number on a phone booth. All of this is the work of her stalker guy. When her mother comes over to scold her for her behavior, Takahashi comes to visit and gets introduced. They find out he goes to Tokyo University, (the most prestigious public university in Tokyo) that he comes from a rich family, and that he's going to study abroad for a year. Shigeta gets kidnapped by the stalker and Takahashi comes to rescue her. She ends up realizing that she likes Takahashi and goes to his house and sleeps with him. But he goes to America, and she's alone again.

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