Used Paradise Kiss Vol 05 English Manga


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Fashion, glamour, divas and designers put on their best threads and put on a show-stopping catwalk, featuring Yukari in the creations by the always stylish and aloof George. George's unusual and gorgeous creations received mixed reactions, with more attention going to Yukari's good looks than the clothes she was modeling. With his future uncertain, he and Yukari's relationship comes to a crossroads. He has never found himself so enamored with one woman, yet his career might not unfold as he has always planned. Was the somewhat cold reception at the fashion show a preview to his future designs? As George wrestles with his next step following graduation from design school, the rest of the Paradise Kiss crew debate their next moves. Yukari wants to go to school but also pursue modeling, and with exams coming up, it's hard to concentrate with George seeming so distant and upset. As the crew struggles with their post-graduation plans, the New Year approaches. Major decisions will be made and lives will be altered...forever. What will become of Paradise Kiss?

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