Used Blade For Barter Vol 1 English Manga

Seven Seas

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Blade for Barter is the story of Ryusuke Washington- a private samurai for hire. He lives in New Edo- a hodgepodge city-state where New York City meets ancient Japan- where monolithic skyscrapers tower over ramshackle wooden huts- and salarymen and samurai walk side-by-side. Along with his loyal dog Hachiko- our noble hero Ryusuke must deal with the likes of the corrupt Samurai Union- the Mafuza (a cross between the Italian mafia and the Yakuza); a Ninja Union of clumsy ninja; a sinister Zen monk televangelist- and more - not to mention the temper-tantrum prone Lord Hoseki- who rules New Edo with bejeweled fingers and an iron fist.

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